Paul Emmings - Olympus Visionary Photographer

Dear photography friend.

Can I welcome you to my web page.

I have designed this site to try to assist and help everyone that is new to photography in the art of composing photographs.

The camera we use is a very skilled and technical wonder and it is capable of many great things, BUT it can not tell you where to point it and when to press the shutter button. The categories give visual examples of simple composition; the rule of thirds, lead in lines, foreground interest, framing, symmetry and selective focus. I have also included sections with the title 'WORKING'. Here I have tried to show you visually the opportunities available when you look at a subject , the possible different and creative approaches and positions you could consider when seeking to take that one great photo - the one to show your family and friends.

There is also a major section on silhouettes, showing the options that you could consider when taking that lovely backlit sunrise or sunset photo. Other sections within this site show some of the photographs I have taken of our recent adventures. This is currently a work in progress, it is designed for one reason: TRY TO HELP YOU GET THE MOST ENJOYMENT POSSIBLE OUT OF YOUR PASSION FOR PHOTOGRAPHY To view my recent photographs on 500px please click the below link. PAUL EMMINGS PHOTOS ON 500PX

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